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I believe that fitness shouldn’t be a singular, separate aspect of your life that you ‘put up with’ or do ‘because you feel you should’.

I think it should be fully integrated into how you live your day to day.

You see, fitness is more than just how you look or how you feel, it’s also about;

  • Quantity and quality of sleep

  • Managing your stress levels and knowing your triggers

  • Eating a diet that not only suits your goals but is safe and maintainable

  • Training with purpose and intensity

  • Having the correct mindset to deal with setbacks and continue onto your goal

  • The ability to build and maintain habits and routines

  • How everything fits into your lifestyle in a way that sustainable

It permeates almost every part of your being.

Which is why, when there are tools and resources available you should use them, whether it’s guiding your decisions, helping you sleep better or improving your training and diet, to the greatest effect.

To that end everything listed below are things that I have tried, tested and now use in my everyday life.

None of these things on their own are life changing but when used together the compounding effects can be huge, saving you time, money and energy.


Some of the links below are affiliate link, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please be aware that I have personal experience with all of these apps, products and supplements, and recommend them only because they are helpful and useful. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


Bathroom Scales

Weighing yourself every morning and taking a weekly average is probably one of the key markers of success when it comes to changing your weight.

Not only does it give you a real-time, accurate idea of what’s going on with your weight but it also gives the information you need to make the necessary changes if things aren’t going your way.

I have a set of scales in my bathroom and weighing myself is as much a part of my routine as is brushing my teeth.

I used to use these bathroom scales and then manually write down my weight but I’ve since upgraded to this fancier model which automatically updates your weigh, recording it to an app on your phone.

One is slightly more convenient but more expensive and the other is, well, the opposite.


The MyFitnessPal App

Being able to lose fat or build muscle hinges on your ability to create and maintain either a calorie deficit or surplus.

Key to being able to do this is knowing, not only how many calories you’re burning but also how many calories you’re consuming.

Keeping a food diary is without a doubt the best way to do this.

To date the best and easiest app I’ve found for doing this is My Fitness Pal.

Fitbit Versa Activity Tracker

Technically this model is a smart watch.

However, as you can use it purely to track calories and workouts with notifications blowing up your wrist all the time, I’ve listed it as a activity tracker here.

For me, having a watch like this isn’t so I can check my messages or use apps without looking at my phone but so I can do things like;

  • Know how many calories I burn daily

  • Log my runs to know if I’m improving

  • Track my activity output when I’m kickboxing to see how my fitness levels are changing

  • Have a visual reminder of how close I am to hitting my step goal

I use the watch as a way to gather feedback on my performance over time.

It’s definitely not a ‘must-have’ (or the only one available) but it can be a nice addition.


Google Sheets

Google sheets is free and accessible across all devices provided you have a gmail account.

It’s essentially an online version of Excel and I use it to track my weight, measurements and workouts all in one place.

This means I always have access to my data on the go and don’t need to wait until I get back to my laptop to update or check something.

See what google sheets can do for you.

Bose Wireless Sports Headphones

These are definitely a bit of a luxury and were a birthday gift from my wife.

However, the ability to go running, strength train and kickbox without having to have my phone in my pocket or deal with a wire getting in the way is, in my opinion, priceless.

This being said Bose is far from your only option, my brother uses and recommends these which are about a third of the cost.

Whereas, my wife uses a slightly different style of wireless headphone which work just as well for strength training or running.


Olympic Lifting Shoes

I bought these shoes a while back when I was learning how to the Olympic lifts.

Even though I no longer really do the Olympic lifts I have found these shoes invaluable for giving me the heel lift I need to squat to depth.

However, when it comes to strength training any flat soled shoe will work really and these are a great alternative recommend by most in the industry.


Exercise Bands

These are great addition to anyone’s fitness bag and can be used for both training and stretching.

There are absolutely tonnes to choose from but I bought this set here.

I recommend the set of 4 so you can adjust the resistance as you progress. I use them for assisting clients who can’t do full pull ups yet, as well as a variety of other movements, they’re also great for when you’re travelling and hotel room workouts.


More Coming Soon

I only want to show you tools and resources that I have personally tried and tested.

For this reason updates to this section may be slow and sporadic.

If you have questions about anything or would like to get more details on my experience with a particular product in this section, drop me an email at