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Welcome to Lift Learn Grow, I'm Theo the owner, writer and editor here.

I specialise in helping you cut through the bullshit to learn exactly what you need to do to build the body you want.

To help you do that everything written here has one focus;

Showing you how to lose fat, maintain muscle and become more confident without the bullshit, fads or quick fixes.

I write science backed blog posts in an easy to understand and actionable format, so you can easily learn about and put into practice the things that will make the biggest difference to your fitness.

However, I’m aware I don’t know everything.

I’m also learning, changing and refining.

I’m tweaking my diet, training, mindset and myself.

Through this website and the emails I send to my subscribers I share these experiences openly with you, so that you too can become the best version of yourself.

My aim is to create a honest, open place for fitness information, without judgement or fear.

A place where you can remove the confusion and self-doubt to make your fitness journey successful & enjoyable.

If you’re looking to;

  • Lose fat and not muscle to be rid of that skinny fat look once and for all

  • Feel comfortable and confident in your body

  • Build lean muscle mass whilst minimising fat gain

  • Eat the foods you like, be able to include alcohol and be done with restrictive dieting

Then you’re in the right place.

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