Progress Updates

As of writing this, (Feb 2019) this idea, at least for me, is about 2 years old.

Back in 2017 I decided I needed to be more consistent with the way I track my progress and thought if I created a page on my website and updated it every month with my progress it would keep me accountable.

However, it never came to be.

For one reason or another (fear, embarrassment, more fear, impostor syndrome) I put it off.

However, I’ve finally come to realise that these progress updates are important for me, and for you.

For me, they keep me accountable and transparent.

(what better motivation is there to stay on track, than all of your website visitors seeing exactly what’s going on?!)

For you, it gives you a window into, not only my training routine, diet and progress but also my life.

It gives me a way to show you how things really work.

It gives me way to show you that I struggle just the same way you do.

Sure, I may be further ahead than you, but you never become immune to pitfalls of training and dieting.

You just get better at managing it.

You’re never quite able to switch off the little voice in your head that says, “not good enough”

…but you do get better at finding peace with your current situation.

Over time you learn how to eat better, train smarter and see more results.

It’s my hope that by doing this you’ll get a deeper insight into what it takes to change your body and over time realise that the only difference between us is experience.

Whatever I can do, you can do it too…it just takes time.

Here’s how it will work.

Every month (somewhere towards the end) I will write and publish a progress update to show you how things are going.

These updates will include the typical things like;

  • My weight

  • My diet

  • My measurements

  • My training

But more than this, I’ll also talk about;

  • My struggles

  • My successes

  • Cardio and additional food intake

  • Travel and dieting

  • Eating out, alcohol and being social

  • My sleep routine

  • Fitness and professional goals, dreams and aspirations for the future

My aim is to show you what changing your body really looks like.

Latest Updates