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Welcome to Lift Learn Grow


Lift Learn Grow is a lifestyle fitness blog created to show you that getting the body you want doesn’t have to be an endless all or nothing pursuit at the expense of your lifestyle.

Lift Learn Grow is about:

  • Making fitness work with you not against you
  • Nutritional freedom and eating the foods you enjoy
  • Optimal training for maximum results
  • Doing cardio in a way that’s fun and effective
  • Using habits and routines to optimise and streamline your progress

Lift Learn Grow is not about:

  • Excluding food items or food groups, cheat meals or sky-high protein consumption
  • Training for over an hour day, 5+ days a week
  • Going to failure on every set and spending hours slaving away on cardio machines
  • Crash diets and the latest fitness fads
  • Quick fixes and the promise of unattainable results

If that’s what you’re after, then I’m sorry but you’re in the wrong place.



Why Lift Learn Grow?

Fed up with the overwhelming amount of conflicting information in the fitness industry I created Lift Learn Grow to help you get the answers you need.

I know how it feels to be bombarded from all sides with confusing and often bizarre information promising you overnight results and wanted to create a blog where you could get the information you need without the bro-science and bullshit.

The goal is to help you build the body you want by providing actionable content backed by scientific research to help you achieve the best results possible.



Who Am I?


Hi! I’m Theo.

I’m a Personal Trainer and Kickboxing Instructor with over 10 years of experience in the industry. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of people from all different walks of life. This experience has helped shape my training style and overall take on fitness that is evident today. 

Read more about my story here.

What else do you need to know about me?

  • I have a twin - We aren't identical but we look pretty damn similar. Before you ask no, we don’t wear the same clothes and I can’t feel it when he gets hurt.
  • I love to travel and explore new places - Wind me up and let me wander, my favourite thing to do is explore a new city by foot and soak it all in.
  • I’m a kickboxing black belt who’s competed nationally and won - I've been training for about 10 years now and although I don't compete anymore I enjoy teaching others the sport I love.
  • I love coffee & dogs - Seriously, give me a good cup of coffee and a dog to walk and I’m happy - I don't have a dog yet but there is definitely a Labrador in my future, perhaps he'll like coffee too.

Thanks for stopping by!