Energy Balance

What Is The Energy Balance Equation?

The more you eat the more you calorie (energy) input is increased and the more active you are the more your calorie (energy) output is increased to fuel this activity.

If your calorie input is higher than its output you will gain weight and if your input is lower than your output you will lose weight.

This change in energy is called the energy balance equation.

The energy balance equation is the relationship between the calories you consume through food/drink and the calories you expend through maintaining homeostasis and any activity you perform.

The energy balance has 3 basic rules:

  1. You will gain weight if your energy input is greater than your energy output
  2. You will lose weight if your energy input is less than your energy output
  3. You will neither gain nor lose weight if your energy input is equal to your energy output

These rules are the reason why calories are so important when it comes to weight manipulation.

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