5 Reasons You Should Join:

What if I told you that after 8 lessons you too could know the exact steps you need to take to lose fat without losing muscle and go from looking 'meh' to looking 'AMAZING', in as little as 3 months?



Learn how to lose that stubborn fat, without losing muscle to go from skinny-fat to shredded once and for all!


See why there's no need for restrictive diets, juice cleanses or any other quick fixes. No need to give up your favourites foods or drinks either!


Each lesson is crafted to be easy to follow and even easier to implement so you don't waste time second guessing what you're meant to be doing!


Everything contained within my email course is 100% sustainable, 100% free and 100% achievable!


This course contains the exact information I used to make the following transformation, and now you can do it too!

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What The Course Covers

Wondering what the course will cover? Well wonder no more...


Lesson One:

Why and how I made this transformation and how you can do it too!

Lesson Two:

Calories uncovered - why calories are so important, how much of a deficit is too much and the best way to track your progress!

Lesson Three:

Macros explained - how to eat for fat loss and muscle retention, how much protein is enough and the importance of the other macros!

Lesson Four:

How often you need to train to encourage muscle retention without risking muscle breakdown or losing your social life!

Lesson Five:

An answer to whether lifting heavy weights or light weights is best and considerations for training in a calorie deficit!

Lesson Six:

Does cardio kill your muscle, can you do it and what role should it play when eating in a calorie deficit!