5 Fitness Mindset Myths Busted

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5 Fitness Mindset Myths Busted

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.
— Steve Maraboli

Fitness, working out and changing your body is about more than just what you eat and what you do in the gym.

Your mindset is an integral part of the process and influences a wide range of things;

  • If you can stick to your diet

  • Whether you stick to your training plan

  • How you react when things don’t go to plan

  • If you’ll reach your goals

You need to master your mindset to master your fitness.

The first step is to do this is to recognise what is bullshit and what isn’t.

That starts today.

This article will bust 5 of the biggest fitness mindset myths.



You Can Get Lasting Results Quickly

I know in the world we live in where most things can be obtained instantaneously, so, it’s only normal to want to apply this to fitness but it just doesn’t work this way.

Anything or anyone promising you instant and rapid fat loss, muscle gain or six-pack abs is lying.

It’s just not going to happen. Instead, you’ll feel instantly;

  • Hungry

  • Disappointed

  • Fed up

I get it, some people think these fad diets work because they see masses of fat loss or weight gain in the space of a week or two but think about it…

If you’re on an extreme diet with a huge calorie deficit and being told to exercise regularly, of course, you’ll lose a lot of weight very quickly.

The reality is though, that most of it will be short-lived and it’ll come back just as fast, as soon as you stop doing it.

As much as you might wish you could get the results you want quickly, the body doesn’t work like that, if it did everyone would be in fantastic shape.

The TRUTH is you can effect incredible change in your body, but it will take time and consistent effort, NOT short-term effort and unrealistic expectations.

You have to truly invest in yourself and embrace the journey to see the changes you want to see.



The More You Sweat The More Fat You Burn

Whilst sweat can be a good indicator of an intense workout it has no correlation to the amount of fat you’re burning.

More sweat does not equal more calories burned.

Sweating is simply your body’s way or regulating your internal temperature by excreting water.

This is why it’s so important to stay hydrated when exercising, to ensure you’re replacing the water lost through sweat and avoid becoming dehydrated.

Please note: fat is ‘burnt’ when it gets released from your fat cells to provide your body with energy and works completely independently from the function that causes your body to sweat.



Food Can Be “Good” Or “Bad” / “Clean” Or “Dirty”

I have a bone to pick with the idea of “good” and “bad” foods.

It's not that I'm dismissing the efforts being made to eat better and generally have a more varied diet by people worldwide.

It's just that the idea that some foods are “good” or “clean” whilst other foods are “bad” or “dirty” is a dangerous mindset to have.

It promotes unhealthy eating habits whereby you will restrict or eliminate the so-called bad foods in the name of good health.

This, over time, contributes to developing a negative relationship with food which can result in a pattern of restrictive and binge eating.

I firmly believe that no food is "bad" or "good" and nor should any food item or group be characterised as such.

Instead, all food should be viewed in relation to its nutritional content and the role it plays in helping you meet your macronutrient and calorie goal whilst getting the vitamins and minerals you need.

True nutritional freedom is understanding the role different foods can play in your diet and how to include them to meet your goals. [LINK] 



You Have To Be Motivated All The Time To Reach Your Goals

Motivation comes and goes.

You can be pumped and ready to go one minute, then deflated and lazy the next.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals.

What it means is that you need to put systems in place to keep you going even when you don’t feel like it. For example;

  • Become accountable for your actions

  • Put money where your mouth is

  • Make it enjoyable

Become Accountable

It’s funny how when you’ve got someone waiting for you at the gym you always turn up, even when you don’t want to.

This is the beauty of accountability.

It plays on your human side of not wanting to let other people down (perhaps not so good if you’re a robot) but for the rest of us, it works like a charm.

Not to mention how much harder it is to bail on a gym session when you have some texting and calling you reminding you about it.

This is also super easy to put into action;

  1. Find a friend, family member, stranger, etc.. who also likes to workout

  2. Make them go to the gym at the same time as you

  3. Hold them accountable as much as they hold you accountable

Pay For It

No one likes losing money, I’m pretty sure that’s a fact.

So, if you’re struggling to get into the gym on a regular basis and train enough to see the changes you want to see, it’s time you put some money on the line.

You have 3 main ways of doing this;

1. Make a deal with a friend or family member

This deal will state that every time you miss a workout you will give them some money. The key to making this work is that it has to be enough money to hurt i.e. it has to act as a deterrent to skipping a workout just because you don’t feel like it.

2. Pay for a personal trainer

By paying for personal training sessions you’re not only buying your trainer’s knowledge and expertise but you’re also becoming accountable to someone.

This someone will charge you for your time whether you show up or not, giving you an added incentive to get your arse into the gym.

3. Buy a workout plan

This works on a similar scale as above where you’re buying knowledge and expertise.

The trick is to look for a programme where there is some sort of accountability system built in, whether it’s face to face contact, regular emails, daily texts or regular check-ins of some sort.

Do Things You Enjoy

Seems pretty obvious but I find it’s far too common that someone does an exercise because they’ve been told it’s good for them…even if they hate it.

News flash!

If you hate something, you won’t do it for long.

That’s guaranteed.

Now one shows up for stuff they hate, working out is no different.

Now, this comes with a caveat, which is this;

There is a big difference between not liking something and finding something challenging.

Don’t just get rid of an exercise because it’s hard or challenging (these are the kind of exercises you want to be doing).

However, if there is a form of exercise you genuinely hate (for me it’s the cross-trainer, I don’t know why, but I always have and always will hate it) then don’t include it.

If you’ve bought a programme or have a personal trainer then ask for an alternative.

The bottom line is, if you enjoy your workout it becomes a lot easier to do consistently.



Being in Shape Requires Excessive Time, Sacrifice & Commitment

Contrary to popular opinion this isn’t true, yet when you try and explain this to people it’s like they don’t want to hear it. 

There is this idea in the fitness industry that to get in great shape you have to sacrifice your lifestyle, eat boring food and be miserable. 

Like there is some unspoken rule which says that to get the body you want you must give up everything and adhere to some ridiculous extreme.

Now don’t get me wrong, building the body of your dreams is not a quick process so don’t go into it expecting overnight results. 

However, it’s also not an all or nothing process, there is a middle ground where us average guys can succeed in building the bodies we want whilst also having a life outside of the gym.

Remember if you're not a bodybuilder, athlete or physique competitor then you don’t need to train like one.


Takeaway Point

Mindset is a key factor in whether or not you’ll reach your goals.

By avoiding these fitness mindset myths;

  • You can get lasting results quickly

  • The more you sweat the more fat you burn

  • Food can be “good” or “bad” / “clean” or “dirty”

  • You have to be motivated all the time to reach your goals

  • Being in shape requires excessive time, sacrifice & commitment

You’ll find it easier to stick to your diet, turn up to the gym and get the results you want.

Fat Loss. Made Simple.

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