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Tell Me Does This Sound Familiar?

You can’t help but feel like the weekend passes too quickly as Monday morning arrives and you reluctantly drag the covers off, make your way to the bathroom and step expectantly onto the scales.

A sense of dread overcomes you as you glance at the number, you didn’t exactly stick to your calories this weekend and it shows.

You jot it down hoping to claw back some of your progress over the week before heading to the bedroom.

Getting ready you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and turn to face it hoping to see something the scales couldn’t show but no matter how hard you look your stomach doesn’t get any flatter and muscles don’t get any bigger.

Feeling fed up, you wonder if it’s time to just accept you won’t get the body you want.

To be honest you’re feeling pretty tired of it all.

Tired of the lack of progress.

Tired of the restrictive eating.

Tired of the long daily workouts.

Tired of the fact that none of it seems to be working.

You feel stuck in this endless cycle of strict weeks and wild weekends only to end up in exactly the same, stupid. fucking. place. you were last week.

You swear you’re on the verge of giving up, reluctantly willing to accept that you’re destined to stay as you are.

You even feel yourself beginning to believe that getting the body you dream of is a luxury reserved for people other than you.

If There Is Even A Hint Of A Yes In Your Answer Then You’re In The Right Place.

Hi, I’m Theo, the creator and writer here at Lift Learn Grow.

I'm a Personal Trainer, Kickboxing Instructor and Freelance Writer who loves to travel, pet dogs (mostly Labradors) and drink far too much coffee.

Before starting this blog, I spent a long-time over-training, under-eating and hating how I looked. 

I tried everything.

I gave up the foods I liked, stopped drinking alcohol and trained every day...none of it worked!

Eventually I got fed up and decided to learn what would work for me.

It was a slow process but over the years I began to make the progress I wanted to see.

I started training 3 days a week, including the foods I love in my diet and having the occasional social drinks.

Like magic I felt happier, performed better and began seeing results. 

I now no longer hate how I look, I'm not at the end of my fitness journey but am loving every step instead of desperately wanting to be at the end.

But That's Enough About Me. Why Are You Here?

Maybe you're here because you want to build muscle, lose fat and look great naked.

Or maybe because you want to feel confident and comfortable in your body.

Whatever the reason you’re not here to sacrifice your social life, weekend drinks and the foods you like (life is too short for that shit).

You’re not here because you want to stop living your life and what if I told you that you don’t have to.

You don’t have to:

  • Give up the foods you like
  • Spend hours doing cardio
  • Train for 2 hours every day
  • Take numerous supplements

What if I showed how you can build the body you want and live your life? No strings attached.

You can:

  • Include the foods you love
  • Only do the cardio you enjoy
  • Train for an hour, 3 – 4 times a week
  • Do it all without any supplements

How Can I Help You with This And Why I Am Here?

I’m here because I want to share not only what I've learnt but what I am learning (it never stops).

I'm committed to helping you succeed and achieve more than you thought was possible.

It doesn’t matter if you want to get abs for the beach or just, for once, to feel confident and proud of your body.

By working together, you WILL reach your goal.

I’m here because I know what it feels like to spend late nights trawling the internet looking for the answers but not finding any.

I know what it feels like to want results that you just can’t seem to get.

To hide behind clothes and feel really damn self-conscious.

It feels like nothing changes…

But that's not true and I’m living proof that you just have to take that first step and change will follow.

If you do I promise it will change your life it more ways than you can imagine.

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Still Curious? Here's a Little More about me…

Interesting facts or pointless information? You decide:

  • I’m a twin. We don’t wear the same clothes but we can communicate telepathically.
  • I’m a kickboxing black belt. I don’t compete anymore but I used to and have even won.
  • My favourite fruit is Pineapple. I like it so much I’ll have it on pizza with jalapenos.
  • My claim to fame is my Dad’s music video. Don’t believe me? Watch and be amazed.
  • I can [kind of] speak Chinese. I’m still learning and hope to be fluent one day.
  • I love dogs. I’ll cross the road to pet them and am counting the days until I have my own.

How do things work here?

I’m not a big social media user, I try to get my latest stuff onto Facebook and Twitter but my mailing list is the best place to keep up with me.

I aim to publish new content here at least once or twice a month depending on the length and depth of the post.

I generally send a couple of ‘round-up’ emails per month with any content that’s gone out recently along with anything else I think might be interesting for you.

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